Twitter shares unlocked : Can the blue bird fly any longer?

It started out when the little bird was learning to fly. In it’s nascent attempts to get it together, not everyone really understood it all. Some said it had a little hard a learning curve. Some just went along, willing to learn it’s ways as they go about it. Is it that the journey is coming to an untimely end? or is it that it’s just a seasonal change waiting for a time to take off again?

Today, Twitter unlocked it’s shares to shareholders in the firm that wanted to sell their equities. The result was Twitter’s shares dropping by 11 percent. Twitter is trading around $34.40 going a tad up from an all time low of $34. Over the past few months after Twitter filed for an IPO (Initial public offering), the San Francisco based company has been working on improving user engagement and most importantly attract more users. This seemed like an easy task from an average person’s standpoint but it was far from easy. To this day most people are baffled by the use of @, and the hashtag (#) let alone discover people that you actually know on there. Rivals like Facebook have made it easier to discover familiar faces and that’s why it was easy for users to flock to the social network.

“Upcoming IMs are not making it any easier for Twitter”

Reasons pointing to Twitter’s stock falling is the growing concern over shrinking user growth. At it’s initial offering shares topped $74 after coming in at $45 a share in its debut, which was priced at a decent $26. It sits well over its IPO price but not by a significant margin. Twitters founders and an early investor pledged not to sell their shares and only a fraction of the 465 million shares that unlocked yesterday have traded hands. It remains a challenge for the microblogging site to steal away users from rising mobile IMs like the Facebook-owned Whatsapp and Tencent’s Wechat. Upcoming IMs are not making it any easier for Twitter with Whatsapp recently posting a milestone of reaching 500 million *active users. The journey may still be on, maybe the blue bird will be around, long enough to fly sky high again.

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